Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Help Wanted

Executive Assistant Job Description

Required skill set

Bachelor’s degree preferred, but adequate knowledge base in the following will do:

· Good communications skills
· Proficient at Microsoft office, specifically Excel
· Capable of preparing a wide variety of reports,(ie: excel sheets, budgeting, projections, etc.)
· Organization skills
· Able to handle a variety of tasks simultaneously
· Must have a car

Primary tasks

Assistant to Director of Operations for Spirit Hoods. Tasks include everything from answering phone calls to creating reports, answering emails on my behalf, creating and modifying excel and word doc’s, scheduling, researching fabrics, linings, airfare etc, coordinating my business life… I work with Production, Sales, Product Development,financials and accounting, overseas distribution, etc.

I am looking for someone who is quick and can handle an assortment of tasks. Help me to keep track, as well as be capable of having a positive attitude and not getting too serious. We make Spirit Hoods. But I need someone who is dependable and sharp because I director operations for the company.

$10/hr. with an increase in pay after a trial period of 2-3 months. They will initially be Subcontracted. 6 hrs/day mon-thur, hrs. increasing into the fall

Chase Hamilton

Director of Operations

Spirit Hoods



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