Friday, December 4, 2009

Amazing Employees Available.

I have 2 amazing employees we are looking to relocate
Unfortunately we are forced to do some cut backs…
If any one is looking for the following
Please let me know asap
Maybe we can set up an interview or something?

1 sales executive 5 years experience
In multi line sales position
Both east and west
Knows everyone!!
Travels, very aggressive!!!

1 sales assistant
Very quick, gets it
Self motivator
Very savvy on computer
Not afraid of the phone!!!
Can and will move quickly into sales position

Again, both these girls will be an asset to
Whoever hires them.
I am very sad to see them go.


noetic showroom
Melissa Cronkhite
860 S.Los Angeles street #612
Los Angeles Ca 90014
213.614.7924 p
213.614.7925 f

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