Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Looking for domestic manufacturing?

Wouldn't it be great to check on production whenever you wanted? That is a + for domestic manufacturing.

Rite Way Sewing
DBA of Garmento Consulting Services, INC
719 S. Los Angeles St, Ste 1015/1025, Los Angeles, CA 90014
tel.213.488.1537 fax.213.488.1539

A unique, full-service manufacturing facility.
Benjamin Maldonado/ Co-Owner
20 years logistics and managerial experience in the garment industry.
David Alvarado/ Co-Owner
14 years of experience in all aspects of cutting and sewing production.
Mina Andrade/ Quality Control/ Floor supervisor
38 years of quality control and sewing floor supervisor experience.
Ray Gonzales / Cutting Room manager
35 years of sewing and cutting room experience.

Summary of Machines
Single needle: 11 Over-lock: 7
Cover stitch: 4 Double needle: 2 (1/4” & 1/8”)
Waistband machine: 1 Button-hole: 1
Button placement: 1 Keyhole: 1
Caballo seam: 2 Bar tack: 1
4 Iron boiler Kick press: 1

Cutting Facilities
5 table set ups= 66 sections of cutting tables

Full pick-up and delivery service.

Contact: Benjamin at 626.641.6229 or
David at 213.284.6685 or

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