Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great Fundraiser

Here is a request from our friend fab designer Corey Lynn Calter:

hello fellow designers,

i am doing a sample sale for my daughter's NON PROFIT preschool near downtown. the school is called Los Angeles Family School. LAFS is a wonderfully diverse and progressive school located in silver lake for the last 34 years. i am hoping you could participate by either donating and/or allowing us to sell anything you would be willing to give us for partial donation. the profit goes directly to continuing teacher education. financial aid for lower income and single parent families and much needed classroom supplies and upkeep.

the sale will consist of home goods, clothing, accessories and jewelry.
the options are,
- donated goods 100% goes to LAFS (this can be anything from damages to whatever you would be willing to part with)
- giving us goods to to sell and the school will take 30% of the sales,

we will pick up and drop off. all payments will be made within 4 days. we will provide all racks and tables and staff. we will provide all tax forms for your donation.

i hope you are very well, and thanks for your consideration.

all my best,

corey lynn calter

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